Product classification
Power monitoring system
Digital display electric instrument series
Temperature and humidity controller heating
Intelligent dehumidifier
Switchgear intelligent control device
Power transmitter
Electrical contact temperature measuring device
Dry transformer temperature controller
Dry transformer cooling fan
Microcomputer integrated protection device
Motor protector series
Arrester lightning protection series
Current transformer open circuit protector
Arcing and tuning elimination device
Contact information

Address: Hunan Province Liling City innovation Park

Contact: Lin Shan

Talent recruitment


Sales Engineer: Several


Job content:

1.Responsible for new customer development and after-sales service, maintenance of old customers and promotion of other business of the website;

2.Constantly look for prospective customers and explore their potential needs, and achieve the sales target assigned by the company。


Qualification requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above in engineering or science or related field;

2.Good communication skills and social skills, quick response, strong sense of responsibility, positive, confident, dedicated;

3.Good appearance and moral character, rich sales experience, familiar with trains,船舶,Industrial workers in the defense forces are preferred。


Salary: negotiable

Work place: Liling City, Hunan Province

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