Product classification
Power monitoring system
Digital display electric instrument series
Temperature and humidity controller heating
Intelligent dehumidifier
Switchgear intelligent control device
Power transmitter
Electrical contact temperature measuring device
Dry transformer temperature controller
Dry transformer cooling fan
Microcomputer integrated protection device
Motor protector series
Arrester lightning protection series
Current transformer open circuit protector
Arcing and tuning elimination device
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Address: Hunan Province Liling City innovation Park

Contact: Lin Shan

Customer service

Serve the edicts
Enterprise purpose:Integrity-based quality first
Business creed:Customer satisfaction our pursuit
Service purpose:Responsible for each process, responsible for each product, responsible for each user

Service concept:

    The company has won many honors with exquisite craft and advanced technology level, the company regards quality as life, and the user as God。 Users are everything to us。 We will always follow the quality policy of responsible for each process, responsible for each product and responsible for each user, and wholeheartedly serve users。Everything we do will be in your best interest。We are convinced: dedication to you a sincere heart will also get a sincere return! 
   The company staff has established a good service concept: timely maintenance of user equipment when it fails;Pre-sales to provide users with project design, process design;The user's equipment purchase plan;Provide quality products;Patient and thoughtful user training;Timely and effective fault maintenance and testing on behalf of users to solve difficult processing problems。
Service commitment:
Pre-sales service: Provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machine equipment purchase plan, according to your special needs, design and manufacture products, for you to train technical operators
In-sale service: Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist in drawing up the construction plan and detailed process
After-sales service: The company sends technical personnel to the site to guide the installation of equipment, commissioning site and training operators, to provide you with high-quality product accessories in time。

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