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Power monitoring system
Digital display electric instrument series
Temperature and humidity controller heating
Intelligent dehumidifier
Switchgear intelligent control device
Power transmitter
Electrical contact temperature measuring device
Dry transformer temperature controller
Dry transformer cooling fan
Microcomputer integrated protection device
Motor protector series
Arrester lightning protection series
Current transformer open circuit protector
Arcing and tuning elimination device
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Address: Hunan Province Liling City innovation Park

Contact: Lin Shan

All pall pall 畾镄勫 risk chyoull dead prison, all pall?

    Hunan Banghe Electric Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery, outstanding people in the east of Hunan pearl - Liling, Hunan。Is a set of development, design, production, sales and service in one of the instrument professional manufacturers。At present, our products have thousands of customers in power, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, coal, pharmaceutical and other fields。       
    The company's main products include:Temperature and humidity controller, condensation controller, aluminum alloy heater, silicone rubber heater, intelligent electrical cabinet dehumidification device, switch state display, intelligent control device, multi-function power meter, three-phase ammeter, three-phase voltmeter, digital display voltmeter, digital display voltmeter, DC ammeter, DC voltmeter, power transmitter, guideway type energy meter, microcomputer protection and control device, electricMachine protector, motor protector, microcomputer detuning device, primary detuning device, current transformer open circuit protector, three-phase combined overvoltage protector, counter, dry type transformer temperature controller, cooling fan, high voltage live display, live sensor, soft starter, soft starting cabinet and other high-tech products。It is a high-tech enterprise with innovative spirit and a professional company manufacturing highly reliable products. Its products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, construction, municipal, environmental protection, national defense, water conservancy and other industries. Some of its products are exported together with complete sets of electrical appliances, resulting in greater social and economic benefits。                                     
    Products with "safety, precision, high quality" as the quality policy, product design and planning, prototype trial production, small batch trial production and mass production and other stages。Strict design review, design verification, design confirmation, strict procurement control procedures and reasonable design, to ensure high performance and quality。Strict and strict production process for users to dedicate high quality products。In line with the concept of "independent innovation, science and technology power", we sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, based on power meters, and develop into a high-tech enterprise with intelligent distribution products as the main body。
    Lida spirit of "quality first, customer first" purpose, adhere to the "quality of survival, science and technology to develop, to manage benefits" business policy。Sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life, continuous innovation, dedicated service to new and old customers!

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