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BH-CS820 aluminum alloy intelligent dehumidifier
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  Detailed introduction

Product characteristics
      Aluminum alloy housing, strong anti-interference, 350ML/ day displacement, 10 times the dehumidification effect of traditional heaters, so that your cabinet bid farewell to humidity。
       The traditional ordinary heating dehumidifier causes cable aging because the heater temperature is too high, which seriously affects the product life, and the new intelligent dehumidifier canfineTo solve this problem, cables and other components are not affected by high temperatures, greatly improving service life and saving maintenance costs。

Product introduction

      BH-CS820 series intelligent anti-condensation dehumidifier is designed for general heating dehumidifier,The dehumidification replacement products of electric cabinet (box) are developed due to the disadvantages of poor dehumidification effect,Thermoelectric semiconductors with high thermoelectric conversion efficiency,Small size, high dehumidification efficiency,It can effectively prevent the decrease of equipment insulation level caused by condensation and adhesion of equipment insulation surface,Avoid creepage, flashover, short circuit and other accidents caused by cabinet (box) condensation。
Heating type dehumidification method: the cabinet (box) body, equipment, and environment temperature rise,Making the air hold more water,To prevent condensation,But the water stays in the air,When off heat,When the cabinet (box) body, electrical equipment, and ambient temperature drop, the water in the air will still condense on the surface of the electrical equipment,And the long-term use of the heated dehumidifier may cause damage to the electrical equipment in the cabinet (box) due to high temperature。
Merely reducing the relative humidity does not reduce the water content per unit volume of air, so once the temperature difference is met, condensation will still occur。
BH-CS820 series intelligent anti-condensation dehumidifier Dehumidification method: make full use of the characteristics of easy condensation when the temperature difference is large,BH-CS820 series drainage dehumidifier when working,Built-in semiconductor condensation water surface temperature ≤-30℃,Condense the water in the air onto the surface of the water,And through the drainage hole out of the box,Due to the continuous reduction of water in the electrical cabinet (box), it is discharged out of the box,The humidity in the air inside the cabinet has decreased significantly,Even if the ambient temperature changes,It doesn't produce condensation,Fundamentally solve the electrical cabinet (box) common humidity problems。

Auxiliary heating function: When the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ° C,The dehumidification performance of the condensation dehumidification method will decrease accordingly,Below 5℃ dehumidification effect will be very unsatisfactory,Therefore, the device reserves an external auxiliary heater port,Can be connected to ≤500W heater,When the environment is below 20 ° C,The device automatically starts the heater,Used to raise the ambient temperature,Have reachedfineDehumidification effect。
Can directly reduce the water content per unit volume, can effectively prevent the production of condensation!

Technical index

2.1 Input specifications: One temperature and humidity input module
2.2 Measuring range: Temperature: 0℃ ~ 100℃;Humidity: 0%RH to 99%RH
2.3 Basic Errors
      Humidity: ±3%RH(10%RH ~ 90%RH), ±5%RH(0%RH ~ 99%RH)
2.4 Resolution: temperature 0.1℃,湿度0.1%RH
2.5 Control Mode: bit control
2.6 Output specifications: 250VAC/3A or 30VDC/3A
2.7 Power supply: 220VAC,50/60Hz, power consumption < 80VA。
2.8 Working environment: Temperature 0 ~ 50℃, humidity ≤ 85%RH non-corrosive occasions。
2.9 Dehumidification: Measured when the temperature is less than 35 degrees and the humidity is greater than 80%RH。
                   45W 350ML/ day, 30W 220ML/ day,




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