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Iron shell dry type transformer temperature control instrument
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  Detailed introduction

I. Product overview
    This instrument is a new generation temperature control box designed by our company for the new air-cooled dry transformer.。Compared with the traditional analog and digital circuit temperature controller, the instrument uses a high-performance microcomputer controller to reduce the number of required electronic components by more than half, so that the circuit design and structural design of the instrument are greatly simplified, which greatly improves the operational reliability of the instrument。The temperature control box produced by our company, the temperature setting can be achieved only by setting a few keys on the panel, and the set parameters will never be lost after the power failure。The instrument also has a "black box" function, which can record the temperature of the three wire pack windings at the time of transformer power failure。In terms of anti-interference, the instrument adopts anti-interference measures combining hardware and software in the design to jointly monitor the work of the thermostat, thus achieving a strong anti-interference ability。In terms of use, the instrument also has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient installation and easy maintenance。

This product conforms to JB/T7631-1994 "Resistance thermometer for transformers" standard。

2. Technical parameters
1, temperature measurement range: -30℃-200℃ 2, temperature measurement accuracy: ±1℃
3, resolution: 0.4, working voltage: AC170V ~ AC250V (48~60Hz)
5, power consumption: < 8VA              
6. Sensor: Pt100
7, contact capacity:
      Fan: AC125V/10A or AC220V/7A three sets (optional)
      Or single-phase active fan AC220V/21A group     
      Overtemperature alarm: AC125V/10A or AC220V / 7A a group
      Overtemperature trip: AC125V/10A or AC220V / 7A group
8, the dimensions of the instrument: 260×200×80;Insert hole size: 232×180 (mm)
9, anti-interference performance: in line with JB/T7631-94 standard            
10, instrument weight: < 3kg

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